ERP Implementation Consultant Bootcamp

The ERP Implementation Consultant Bootcamp is a mentorship program aimed at providing you with the core skills required to function as an Oracle ERP Cloud Consultant within 40 days or less.

The course uses the 7Ds (Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Debug, Deliver, Deploy) Agile Methodology, an ERP Cloud Implementation Accelerator developed by Cementors. This rapid implementation methodology will enable to implement a real life scenario based implementation within 8 weeks for the Core HCM, Financials, Procurement and Supply Chain Modules in the course.

Discover - What the Business needs to do

Configuration Questionnaire: Confirm scope and collect core data

Session 1 – Scope Definition Workshop – Validate Requirements

Define - What the Software does

Functional Specifications: Describe the core functionality of the modules to be implemented based on the scope.

Session 2 – Day in the Life of (DITLO) Workshop

Design - Who does what in the System

Functional Solution Design: Gap Analysis, Process Flows Mapping, Roles Matrix

Session 3 – Design Definition – Validate Process and Design

Develop - Build the System - Let's build it

Configuration Document: Functional Setup, includes Interfaces and Technical build of the solution.

Session 4 – Build Definition – End to End Solution Validation Workshop

Debug - Test the System - Let's Test it

Test Scripts: System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing. Test scenarios and scripts

Session 5 – Functional Testing Workshop

Deliver - Train the Users - Let's learn it

Training Documentation: End User Training – Role based

Session 6 – Training Event

Deploy - Use the System - Let's use it

Go-live: Transition to live, Data Migration, Cutover, Post go-live support

Session 7 – Cutover Run Book Workshop

Yemi Onigbode


Oracle Author, Consultant and Trainer, with over 20 years of experience in Training and Consulting in Oracle Financials and Supply Chain Management systems. Worked with large multinational firms as an Oracle Consultant and Trainer and has been involved in over 10 successful ERP Implementation projects.

His core skills include, Training, Consulting, Project Management. As a Consultant, Yemi is a keen believer in self-development and research – at par with the current developments in the IT and communications industry. Yemi is currently exploring the integration of IoT with ERP Cloud and integrated Blockchain applications.


  • Self Study at your own pace
  • Access to Training Videos 24/7
  • Access to Industry Experts (Mentors)


  • Practice on the System
  • Build your own Project
  • Collaborate with other Mentees


  • Become a Certified Specialist
  • Get a reference for job purposes
  • Get paid by Mentoring others

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